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Reiki Master Teacher

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I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and I am a true prairie girl at heart. 

I have a love and passion for travel, but no place connects and grounds me quite like home. I truly am an authentic Prairie Soul!

Meet Kim: Mission

I always sensed that there was more to life in regards to spirituality but I did not realize until my later years just how amazing it would be.

I always knew that I wanted to help people, but I was unsure of which direction to take.

I spent many years of my life seeking out my true path. I was going through a difficult time in both my personal and professional life when I was introduced to the healing modality of Reiki. After just two treatments, I knew that I had discovered something that I needed to learn more about. Fast. forward through many detours, road blocks and life lessons, I have found my true path. I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher, Pranic Energy Worker, Access Bars Practitioner and Past Life Regressionist.

It has been stated that Light Workers are chosen. If this is the case then as a Light Worker I consider myself truly blessed. With clients, I am given the honour and privilege of working with Reiki Guides and Angels, and at times I even get the pleasure of having loved ones of clients who have passed come into the session.

I have been given the opportunity to meet and help some amazing people, and to teach some very gifted students. For all of this, I am so grateful and truly looking forward to continuing my journey. 

Meet Kim: Text


Meet Kim: Testimonials

Kim has an amazing sense of knowing just where I carry imbalances in my body. She works with empathy and compassion; which is evident in the treatments she gives. I highly recommend seeing Kim, your body and soul will thank-you.

Sharman Woynarski

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